Farewell Vinnie

Thursday 11 Aug 2016

Farewell Vinnie

Here's to the next 18 holes….

When Vince left the world of golf to pursue a new passion in real estate it probably came with no surprise that he had a natural ability to connect with people and he was fast to build relationships. It was common at the end of the transaction for Vince to be thanked with a warm handshake, a hearty hug or a polite kiss on the cheek - he was just that sort of guy. People loved to deal with him and appreciated his casual style and friendly approach.

When you work closely with another person you develop bonds of friendship and camaraderie. Working alongside the big man we affectionately nicknamed “Vegas” (because it's always happening in Vegas) I learned to have fun with work and came to understand that there is no challenge that couldn't be overcome with a polite and cooperative attitude to please people.

Having spent over 20 years as a golf pro and running his own business Vince came to us with whole lot of experience and a whole lot more character - one that can't be easily describe in a brief text to the big friendly giant we all came to love and laugh with.

For those of us that had the pleasure of working alongside Vince and to hear that radio voice in full flight with a “courteously, could I have a brief moment of your time?”.....or a ….”pardon the intrusion” he’ll no doubt be missed by the Altitude team. Perhaps the best compliment to Paul and I was the kind words that Vince bestowed upon us when he left……”you’ve created something incredibly special here”.

When a fantastic opportunity presented Vinnie with a possibility to return to his first love of Golf it was a struggle for him to reach a decision. Not just to leave real estate more so to leave the Altitude family and what we built together. Nonetheless in the end Golf won his heart again. For us here at Altitude Vinnie leaves us with tear in our eye, love in our hearts and best wishes for the big man with a door that will always be open.

So it's time for Vinnie to put the sold sticker on for one last time, pop away the open house sign and pick up the 3 iron………”four! - courteously, do you mind if I play through”